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  1. P-A-Y-T-O-N
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Right now you’re only two years old
But your hair shines just like gold
And you’ve got the bluest eyes
Like the summer sky in Chicago

Every time you laugh inside our home
You fill it up with the sweetest tone
And you make everything
Everything better

When we hold you
The world gets so calm
So we spell love

Payton Rose, Payton Rose
That’s how, that’s how we spell love

Verse 2:
We know you’re gonna grow up fast
So we’re trying to make things last
And spend every minute
Every single minute we can with you

We hope that you will always know
That your Gam & Pop-o
Love you more
Love you more than you know

When we hold you
Our world gets so calm
And so we now spell love

CHORUS: [Repeat]

Maybe someday, you will have a, family of your own
And when you hold your grandchild in your arms
Then you will know, why we spell love

CHORUS {Repeat}