Your Custom Song

Have you ever wanted to tell someone how much you love them but felt like 'words' weren't enough?  I can turn your idea into a Song that they'll be deeply moved by for the rest of their life.  Here are some some Custom Song ideas: Anniversary, Birthday, Wedding, Proposal, Graduation, New Love, New Chapter In Life, Your Spirituality, Honoring a lost loved one, Overcoming Something, or simply letting someone know they mean everything to you.   A Custom Song is the ULTIMATE GIFT to give to someone, and I'd LOVE to write YOURS!  Every subject matter is welcomed.   Love & Light, Michael 

After my dad died, I struggled how to best convey all of my feelings about losing him. I opened up to Michael and shared what my dad meant to me and how much I miss him. Michael presented me with the most beautiful and emotional song about my dad. With words and music, he eloquently expressed my love and how bittersweet the memories are. With this song, I have the most wonderful way to remember my dad and every single time I hear it, I feel the emotion in my heart.”

— Paige

When my mother was living in a very loving assisted living facility due to her Alzheimer’s disease, I met Mike Sullivan who was hired to entertain the residents often. Mike’s music was so very loving and spiritual that my mother never stopped smiling and was never in any physical pain or suffering, and lived much longer thanks to Mike’s loving musical cure, thank you Mike!!! ”

— Marilyn

We asked Michael to write a song about our granddaughter who was turning 2 years old. We gave Michael pictures, videos and told him special things about her. When we heard the song we had tears in our eyes because the song was so touching and full of truths. Michael is an amazing artist!!”

— Ken and Jami