Our Story

Fans of Ed Sheeran and John Mayer will love Mike Sullivan Music.  Mikes Music can be heard on Virgin Airlines, TV Shows (The Young & The Restless, Golf Channel,  Steve Harvey Show, etc) and Movies like Kung Fu Panda 3. 

Singer-Songwriter Mike Sullivan is from Chicago. Mike plays the Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, and Mandolin.  

For over 10 years Mike has given back by performing for free at Childrens Hospitals and Special Needs Centers every month in Los Angeles via The Art of Elysium. 

I'm a HUGE supporter of anyone that feels 'left out' or 'not good enough' because a lot of my life I felt that way too.  Music has the power to heal and bring us all together.  We can do ANYTHING together.  

Originally from Chicago Mike grew up in a household filled with music.  His father was always singing, his mom taught him to play the piano at age 5 and he subsequently picked up the clarinet for 8 years before discovering his true passion: the guitar.

A versatile singer-songwriter, Mike currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.  Winner of the "Artist/Album of the Year" Award of Music Connection Magazine Mike has performed at over 300 Colleges on a National Tour. 

When not playing music, Mike can be found surfing, hiking, yoga, and trying to eat less chocolate donuts (his favorite food group) and more avocado-kale salads.